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Children spend a lot of time playing or desiring to play games. Imagine if the time they spent playing games enhanced their mental aptitude, emotional intelligence, physical skill, health, overall confidence in self, and authentic character. Imagine if playing a game could increase global awareness, understanding of economics, politics, history and science. Imagine still this game could refine and increase mathematical understanding, as well as the ability to research, and express through written and verbal communication. You would have the ultimate tool of engagement that we call Mastery Quest, a framework to motivate life-long learning, and express the highest form of knowledge, creativity. 
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The Three Game Modes
The game modes give the Quester three general choices for expression of learning. Become a legendary Master in Story Mode, climb to the top of the ranks and gain the title Arena Champion in Challenge Mode, or unite a world and lead a planetary society into the galactic unknown in Society Mode. 

Challenge Mode allows a Quester to attain new, and apply prior knowledge, both mentally and physically to the pressure and screams of eager fans chanting for more and more action. 

Story Mode includes Challenge Mode, but involves the Quester accepting missions in various lands, coming up with solutions to the various challenges that arise, and choosing how they will participate with the diverse groups in an ever evolving story line. 

In both Challenge and Story mode, the Quester keeps a log of efforts which is used for promotion through the Levels of Power. The Levels of Power, expand the Quester's game play options and influence in the world of Mastery Quest, and indicates a degree of actual attainment mentally, socio-emotionally and physically in the Questers real life.

Society Mode, includes both Challenge and Story mode. In Society Mode, Questers unite the many conflicting factions through managing world resources, political structures, and completing group objectives with the intent of becoming a unified planet. When Questers attain a unified planet, they begin to interact with neighboring star systems and the diverse species of the galaxy.