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A Quest in a Nutshell
Each child is immediately immersed into a theatrical role-play scenario, something that children do instinctually. The purpose of the role-play scenario is to immediately engage the “Questers” attention; increasing the likelihood they will put forth maximum effort on all game levels, intellectual, socio-emotional, and physical.

The scenario that the “Questers” role-play in includes an entire galaxy with systems of worlds that can be travelled to through space. The worlds have their own unique environments, people and cultures. In this scenario, each “Questers” goal is to attain the highest “Level of Power” by gaining mental, social and physical points. 

During the process of gaining higher Levels of Power, the “Questers” must decide how they will respond to the various perspectives and actions of peers and “Game Master” controlled personalities and interest groups. Each choice a “Quester” makes can shift their “Alignment” to the Light, or the Shadows. Alignment then has an effect on how the game environment and characters respond to individual Questers.

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The last mentioned intelligence that is at the heart of the Quest is the Logical sense. Questers are constantly given specific “Missions” and open-ended     objectives that require real-time reasoning and calculating. “Questers” increase in the ability of seeing patterns and relationships as they are exposed to more   and more challenges.
Mastery Quest is a tool for the development of Multiple Intelligences (Gardner, 1991). 
 The physical landscapes provide the Visual-Spatial learner the backgrounds to visualize and plan their actions, and consider possible solutions to challenges. 

• The “Abilities” and character movement motivates the development of the Kinesthetic Intelligence, as “Questers” must learn many exercises to successfully move about the worlds and use special “Abilities.”
• The Interpersonal Intelligence is consistently encourage as it becomes necessary to learn to understand others perspectives and successfully interact with the diverse personalities of the galaxy and the “Quester Core.” 
•  Social-emotional Intelligence and empathy increases as the game play consistently provides immediate feedback for each choice and action taken.
• The before mentioned feedback lends much to the development of the Intrapersonal Intelligence. Seeing what happens to a character controlled by a Quester’s choices leads to the conscious understanding of one’s own interest and goals. Reflections on the cycles that emerge from repeated actions lead to wisdom, intuition, strong will, confidence and motivation. 
• Each epic “Quest” includes classical and world music to assist in motivation and focus for the musically moved
• Linguistic intelligence is developed naturally in Mastery Quest as being able to understand, remember and communicate information is vital to each Questers success. The reaction of the game world to “Quester’s” ability to express this intelligence is motivating and encourages self-initiative.